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Lontaur Media specialises in many digital areas that can help your brand, from overall brand design and application, to working with your in-house team to extend your digital reach. Get in touch with details of your brand and what you are looking for and we can work together to create something special.

Our services range from overall brand development to visual effects (VFX) and video editing projects, digital asset creation, web design and media campaign management.

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Join Lontaur as we look at the latest work by way of VFX breakdowns and tutorials, with a behind-the-scenes look at how the compositing process works.

2020 Track Series Intro image 1

2020 Throttle House Track Series: Intro Bumper

1920 1080 Lontaur

For 2020, Throttle House were looking for a new intro bumper to complement their classic logo branding in anticipation for this year’s Track Series. The series, taking place each summer, pits cars head-to-head on drag strips and the Throttle House track, pushing cars to the limit to find the best track cars on the market.

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Vehicle Explosion: glow elements, burn marks on the ground

Bullet-Proof Bentley

1175 500 Lontaur

Working with Throttle House is always fun – and as they have a conveyor belt of fantastic cars to mess around with, they have plenty of opportunity for funny and exciting sketches to prefix their videos.

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Throttle House Growth Ray

Opposite Shrink-Ray

1920 1080 Lontaur

In an early Throttle House skit, we see Thomas get his hands on an growth ray and, of course, gets straight to testing it on a couple of toy cars (a Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro and a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon). This would be a fun test, copying the likes of Marvel’s superhero movie Ant-Man, to make a believable sci-fi glowing effect, and respective futuristic muzzle flare.

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