Work specifically related to compositing – the art of blending elements together

Vehicle Explosion: glow elements, burn marks on the ground

Bullet-Proof Bentley

1175 500 Lontaur

Working with Throttle House is always fun – and as they have a conveyor belt of fantastic cars to mess around with, they have plenty of opportunity for funny and exciting sketches to prefix their videos.

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Throttle House Growth Ray

Opposite Shrink-Ray

1920 1080 Lontaur

In an early Throttle House skit, we see Thomas get his hands on an growth ray and, of course, gets straight to testing it on a couple of toy cars (a Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro and a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon). This would be a fun test, copying the likes of Marvel’s superhero movie Ant-Man, to make a believable sci-fi glowing effect, and respective futuristic muzzle flare.

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